Not Just a Dance School, It's a Dance Community


Banate El Kamar  (Arabic for "Daughters of the Moon")  is  A Professional Belly dance Performance Troup.

They cover a variety of styles, including  Modern Egyptian and Folkloric styles.  Their artistic director is Sue Baker.

They were formed in 2009 partially from members of  Lisa Michaela's "Moon Of Delight",  thus their name acknowledges their parent dance company. 

They have performed many times together, which include London Show productions, Cambridge 2012 Olympic Torch Festival, Belly Dance Hafla's (Show/Party), Weddings, Parties, hen night, Women of the World Festival, Festival Ball, Cambridge Christmas Lights Switch, Carnivals, Village fetes & Pamper evenings.

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Here is a playlist of a few of Banate El Kamar's Performances



It wasn't a difficult decision to put Banate El Kamar together in 2009 - most of us had been dancing together and i added two other very talented dancers - all these years down the line i can honestly say this was the best decision i every made, we have such a well of creativity, how could we not have fun, and i know this fun reads to the audience.  This is the entertainment that four best friends create.  I count myself lucky to be the Artistic director.


Sam   'Samsara'

 Sam is an Experienced Solo Performer in her own right, She  an experienced Solo Performer as well as Performing with Banate El Kamar





Louise had completed her JWAAD Safe teaching course and has completed some of the JWAAD teaching Diploma Modules. She  an experienced Solo Performer as well as Performing with Banate El Kamar

Lucy 'Lula'

I have been Belly Dancing since 2006 and can honestly say I loved it from the minute I started  my first class! I was asked to join Banate el Kamar by Sue at the beginning of 2009. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to dance with. We are like sisters and we work so well together, we are a well oiled machine and after being together for all this time we are finely tuned to each other!  Belly Dancing is an amazing dance form and I have gained so much from it. Performing for audiences is a true pleasure, it's not a dance form that you see commonly in England so it's wonderful to be able to share it. I would ask anyone who wanted to try it to give it a go!