Not Just a Dance School, It's a Dance Community


Sue Baker (also known as Elisa Gameela)  is:-

  • a JWAAD qualified Instructor of Egyptian (Modern and Folkloric) & Middle Eastern dance   technique,musicality and performance skills.

  • an experienced Choreographer for soloist and group dancers;

  • A performer, both as a soloist and with the dance company Banate El Kamar;

  • an event organiser.

  • A Trustee of the 'Just Because' registered Charity - which aims to raise funds to promote awareness, early detection, treatment and after-care of breast cancer for women in Egypt.

  • A co-organiser of the Arbury Carnival in North Cambridge, which regularly features performances by students from the Buckleton Belly dance School and from Banate El Kamar.


Whilst on maternity leave from her nursing career, Sue first attended Turkish style belly dance classes in rural Norfolk in 1998 and was immediately hooked. 

On moving back to Cambridge she studied with the respected instructor of Egyptian Style dance, Pauline Sayhi and with Lisa Michaela, known for her world fusion style.

Sue started teaching in 2008, but continued her dance education with Jane Webster, who is a specialist in spinning and veilwork, and then with the highly regarded and fabulous instructor Josephine Wise, Head of the JWAAD organisation.

Sue has attended workshop with many contemporary belly dance legends, including Fifi Abdou, Randa Kamel, Nesrin Topkapi, Sahar Samara, Aida Noor, Dr Hassan Khalil, Yasmina of Cairo, Lorna Gow, Sara Farouk, Elis Pinhiero & Ozgen to name a few.  These dancers have greatly influenced her style of teaching and performance. Her most memorable learning experience was studying belly dance in Egypt with Aida Noor.


Sue was awarded her  JWAAD Teaching Diploma in 2014.  The JWAAD Teaching Diploma is accredited by the ONE AWARDS  and consists of the following modules,

  • Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes'
  • 'Understanding Music Used within Belly Dance'
  • 'The Influence of History & Culture upon Belly Dance'
  • 'Teaching methods for belly dance module'.

As part of her qualification, Sue attained a distinction in her background knowledge and professional awareness.

In 2015 her strive to gain further professional knowledge was recognised won the inaugural JWAAD Award for ‘Commitment to continued learning’.


Sue has an extensive understanding of Middle Eastern Folkloric and belly dance, which she enthusiastically enjoys passing on to her students.  She believes that the fun social aspect of Belly Dance is important to learning and enjoys the philosophy of learning through laughter. 

Sue carries her own PPL & liability insurance for teaching and as a trained nurse, safety whilst dancing is of paramount importance to Sue, starting with good posture and correct technique execution at all levels.

She teaches basic Egyptian techniques to beginners, and then she breaks down the secrets of stylisation, to include the following styles -

  • Baladi, Oriental, Sha’abi, Golden Era & Reda Style.

She also teaches Folkloric styles including

  • Sa’idi, Nubian, Khaleegy, Turkish Rom, Tunisian & Dabke

Sue occasionally teaches East/West fusion styles and also teaches use of the following props;-

  • Assaya (stick), Sagat (finger cymbals), Veil & Double veil, and Scimitar (Sword), Fan Veils, Fans, Wings, Water pot.

Sue teaches all the regular Buckleton Belly dance school classes. She has taught taster workshops at a variety of events, including at the Cambridge Big Weekend, at the Cambridge Genome Campus and she is also a regular speaker for the Cambridgeshire WI.

Sue also teaches more advance level workshops regularly at the JWAAD international Summer School and has taught and hosted seminars at the JWAAD Fantasia Festival.

Sue has also collaborated with Belly Dance Star Ozgen, on his Show 'Tales of a Sleeping Man'

 If you are interested in hiring Sue for a workshop & would like to see the list of workshop topics that she has to offer please Contact sue on [email protected] 



Here are a few testimonials about Sue’s Teaching style.

 'Sue has all the attributes and talents of the perfect teacher. She easily adapts to all levels of ability within the same class, is wonderfully kind and encouraging to all. Sue has an obvious passion for her craft and desire to pass it on to her students, and her classes are always stimulating, fun and full of variety. For those wishing to perform in public, Sue provides year-round (especially summer) opportunities to dance at summer fetes, Haflas and other belly dance events. You will find the lure of belly dance irresistible!' - Karin.

 Sue has taught me dancing for over 8 years now, and I have danced with her in our dance company, Banate el Kamar since 2009.She is a wonderful teacher who always makes everyone welcome in her class, as do all the other ladies in the classes. She is encouraging and extremely passionate and always makes her classes extremely enjoyable and addictive!  If you are considering taking up Belly Dance as a hobby then you must join her class - you will not be disappointed! - Lucy

Sue has a natural talent for teaching and dancing, enhanced by her extensive experience and training. She is inspirational, encouraging and empathetic, possessing an innate ability to help students at all levels develop and blossom. If you are new to this beautiful, fun form of dance she will quickly have you doing moves you never knew you had. If you are more experienced she will constantly challenge you and enable you to explore an extensive range of possibilities. Above all, Sue's classes are FUN, FUN, FUN!  - Trisha

Sue is a great teacher. She has a fantastic, encouraging, down-to-earth approach to teaching and is always happy to recap and repeat for those who haven't quite grasped it yet. Her classes are very enjoyable, her choreographies are fun, inventive and varied and, to top it all off, she is a lovely person. - Valerie

Sue's classes are fun and informative.  Choreographies, techniques and history of the various dances.  There is something for everyone, from the complete beginner to the more intermediate and advanced dancer.  I always come away smiling! - Debbie

Sue's classes are friendly and fun, her teaching style is great. I have learnt loads and she has a brilliant sense of humour - Karis

"I have known Sue for a few years now and all her lessons are informative and so much fun! If you want to learn how to shimmy and have a laugh learning, this is the place to be!" - Maria